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BodyBio Balance Oil 180 caps


Essential Fatty Acid Supplement


High Linoleic Unrefined Safflower Oil and Flaxseed Oil in their virgin state.

Omega 6s and Omega 3s are the most powerful nutrients we can give our bodies. BodyBio Balance Oil is formulated with a ratio of four (4) parts omega 6 to one (1) part omega 3. Taken in this ratio, these nutrients positively impact brain function, digestive health, immune support, liver function and cardiovascular activity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed the 4:1 ratio as the optimal balance of Essential Fatty Acids.

Essential Fatty Acids are Essential for Life.

+ Low temperature expeller-pressed unrefined safflower and flaxseed oils

+ Non-GMO and certified organic.

+ No additives, preservatives, bleaching agents, deodorants, or hexane extraction.

+ Contains 0g trans fatty acids.

+ Vegan – Derived from 100% plant based oils.


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