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Cool Sinus


Bi Yan Wan



 Jade Dragon Teapills

Clears nasal congestion from Wind-Heat. Cools irritated nasal passages and itchy eyes, stops sneezing. For congestion with pronounced heat.

Dispels pathogenic wind, eliminates heat, resolves toxins, transforms phlegm, dispels turbidity, benefits the eyes, opens the nasal passages

Size 200 pills
Ingredients: Xin Yi Hua (Magnolia Flower) Magnolia spp. ; Flos – 24.00% Cang Er Zi (Xanthium Fruit) Xanthium sibiricum ; Fructus – 20.00% Lian Qiao (Forsythia Fruit) Forsythia suspensa ; Fructus – 7.00% Huang Bai (Phellodendron Bark) Phellodendron spp. ; Cortex – 7.00% Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra Fruit) Schisandra chinensis ; Fructus – 6.00% Gan Cao (Licorice Root) Glycyrrhiza spp. ; Radix – 6.00% Fang Feng (Siler) Saposhnikovia divaricata ; Radix – 5.00% Jie Geng (Platycodon Root) Platycodon grandiflorum ; Radix – 5.00% Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum Flower) Chrysanthemum morifolium ; Flos – 5.00% Bai Zhi (Fragrant Angelica Root) Angelica dahurica ; Radix – 5.00% Jing Jie (Schizonepeta) Schizonepeta tenuifolia ; Herba – 5.00% Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena) Anemarrhena asphodeloides ; Rh. – 5.00%
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